Reasons Why Should Invest In A Website Designer

Reasons Why Should Invest In A Website Designer

The first thing I want to say is that having a website is easy, even for free. But how easy and free it usually comes out expensive and difficult in the long run, and that is what we have to do to see our potential client.

The first thing I want to say is that having a website is easy, even for free. But how easy and free it usually comes out expensive and difficult in the long run, and that is what we have to do to see our potential client. The first thing we have to ask you is what you want a website for and make you understand that to have something junky and to go home is better than nothing, as that can (and will) damage your corporate image.

Here you will find a list of arguments in favor of hiring a web design professional, which you can use when you want to argue the why of having a serious and professional website. If the client still decides to hire free services or the son of the neighbor's friend, at least we will have a clear conscience that we have warned him that in the long run, he will find that the easy and (almost) free has been expensive and difficult. I think it is important here that we make this change of mentality, instead of thinking about "buff, there is no work with this free online web pages", think "poor, when you see the disaster of results of your web will call me again, because I have spoken with honesty and ethics, seeking the benefit of both and not only mine.

•    Originality. Indeed, there are many templates with which to create a web page, from Photoshop or HTML & CSS templates to WordPress and Joomla themes. What is the problem? The lack of originality. Moreover, most templates are noted to be templates. Do you build trust on a website that does not have an original design? Rather, you think it is someone with few resources, and that does not inspire confidence.

•    Design. It seems untrue that so much importance is given to the design of a store or physical offices and so little to web design. You enter a store and depending on the light is that you no longer enter. That is what we have to make the potential customers understand, that it is not just having a website and that is it because for that better not having anything, you have to make a website that is pleasing to the eye or people will run away without reading absolutely nothing.

•    Usability. When you choose a template or you make the web with the friend of the neighbor, it is rarely considered the usability. Big mistake! Yes, very nice template, with some amazing menus, but very hard to find the content. You have to make the customer understand that the web should be usable, we should not make the user think, because you know where everything is, but the user who comes to the web does not, and if he is frustrated, he will leave and have lost a potential client, apart from generating a negative experience. The web pages have to be friendly, and this is not only from the perspective of design and originality but also from the correct planning of the diagramming information.

What usually ends up happening when you take a template is that you end up adapting the contents to the template and not the design to the contents. This can hardly result in a properly structured friendly website that facilitates web browsing.

•    Web layout. Not only is the design and use of colors, but also the correct layout of the idea with Photoshop or Illustrator. There are effects that can only be created with these programs or similar, so a template will not serve us. A website is not only a principal part and one or two columns, it is also the way to layout them. Photoshop and Illustrator can give that magic touch to the web, to help us to differentiate ourselves and to excel on the websites of the competition, so I think it is a further argument in favor of hiring a professional web design.

•    Responsive Design, At least nowadays, there are few responsive templates, that means, they fit the screen size, in a laptop, a desktop, an iPad or an iPhone, as professional web designers should be able to offer responsive web designs (we are included in the list), because this design is the one that offers the best user experience and with the rapid extension of the use on mobile devices.

•    Web Performance, The web performance is the great unknown for the profane of the subject and, by the way, also for many web designers. If the loading time of a web is high, people will go somewhere else, because the advantage of the Internet is that at a single click there are hundreds (if not thousands) of competing pages. Creating websites with high web performance is not easy and most templates are not designed with the optimization of load time. To our potential customers, we can compare it with the user who enters a store and needs the clerk to take care of it. If this takes time to pay attention, the customer leaves the store. Well on the Internet is the same, if the page takes to load, we will go to another site.

•    Browser Compatibility, I want to believe that most web templates are compatible between browsers, but this cannot know until you buy it and test it, which most users not even do because they do not know, that different browsers interpret different way the web code. This is a point that we can use to demonstrate that we know what we are talking about when we say that having a quality web is not as easy as a Pum! Pum! Done. This requires advanced knowledge not only of design but also of web code.

•    Share on Social Networks, I have found many times that someone has asked me how to put the social networking icons that I have in their newly purchased template. The answer is; the depend if the template allows you to install widgets, if you do not know how to program you will not be able to do it. And here is another point in favor of hiring a web designer: he will take into consideration your needs right from the start, and being able to share what you write on social networks is key to getting the most out of the website.

If the web is made in WordPress will be as easy as installing a couple of plugins, now, the client should know how to configure them, as well as know how to choose from the crowd that best suits your needs. And if, as I said, if the template allows you to install widgets where the client wants to put the social icons, you have two choices, one: hire someone to configure it out, or two: run your website without social media icons.

•    Constant update and improvement, There are still many people who think that the web is something static that does not have to be modified. Google benefits websites that update their content on a regular basis, even users are attracted only by websites that are updated. You even have to improve what you see that does not work, and that cannot be done if you are not a web design professional. Shoemaker to his shoes, as a business man, it is better to use the time wisely to improve your business in the aspects of your expertise as a professional, than to waste the time in trying to improve in aspects where he lacks knowledge and experience.

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